Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Gameplay. Hints. Tips.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.



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Soldiers of Empires II


Crossing the rivers - attach engineer/pioneer units.

Anti-aircraft warfare - attach air-defense units.

The concentration of attached units - has a total of firepower, but more vulnerable to artillery fire and air strikes, etc.

Opposition to the artillery strikes from the sea - experienced, with good fighting spirit, a units of coastal defense with a powerful artillery, located in the fortified coastal forts, have significant advantages against the attacking their ships, even the most powerful classes.

Mobility - to increase for slow units , you can attach them to units with a lot of cars/trucks.

Note: the larger unit is transported by sea, the more it is vulnerable to a "first strike".

Air Force

Protect areas of concentration of army units and bombers with fighter planes.

The massive use of air power - an important factor in the victory.


The use of aircraft carriers - to provide air power of the United Navy. Therefore, no direct participation in combat for aircraft carriers! (this was the result of their relatively weak artillery, mainly designed for air defense). An aircraft carrier strike force - aircrafts. It can be in battle mode (attack enemy ships, and in the regime cover for its ships. Being on an aircraft carrier, aircrafts moves along with it without losing the capabilities of its movement (stor "actions in turn"). At the end of the course the aircraft carrier, cvarrier-borne units can fly to the right place, at accordance with their range.

Wolfpack (naval tactic) (base and attached submarines) is MUCH better than the single attack submarines! The probability of sinking an enemy ship, or inflict damage increases in direct proportion to the number of submarines in the "wolfpack".

The fight against submarines - attack them with many experienced air units with large number of airplanes (with time, the number of strikes grew into quality - enemy submarines be sunk), and destroyers and escort ships.

Anti-submarine defense - cover from attack submarine aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers and transports to land troops  - destroyers and escort vessels, necessarily located with them in a one naval squadron.

Naval squadrons of battleships and battle cruisers - a huge force, but cover the battleships by land-based or carrier-borne fighter aircraft, and destroyers and escort ships for protection from attack submarines.

Best ships to attack ground units - battleships, but they are also vulnerable to the location near the coast (sea cells in contact with the shore). The best effect from them when dealing with ground units in coastal areas - at a distance - via 1 cell of map.

Soldiers of Empires II


Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

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