Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Scenarios.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.



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22 june 1941








Soldiers of Empires II

"Soldiers of Empires II" base pack included 9 standard scenarios.

  1. "Poland 1939"
  2. "Norway 1940"
  3. "France 1940"
  4. "World War II 1941-1945"
  5. "Midway 1942"
  6. "Guadalcanal 1942"
  7. "Kursk 1943"
  8. "Normandy 1944"
  9. "Berlin 1945"

Soldiers of Empires II

Poland 1939

World War II begins. Is there the slightest chance for Poland?

Soldiers of Empires II

Norway 1940

Amphibious operation Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht - another test of strength.

Soldiers of Empires II

France 1940

Panzers and Stukas - as an instrument of blitzkrieg. Does history repeat itself again? Or you can better manage Gamelin?

Soldiers of Empires II

World War II 1941-1945

Super-scenario... All. Big. Many. For hardcore wargamers...
World War II ( June 22, 1941 December 31, 1945).  Giant superscenario for players with an iron will and ability for strategic analysis. Battlefield of scenario is the whole planet - 37 countries, many thousands of military units (the game engine supports up to 20,000 units with all the internal details!), Tens of millions of soldiers, hundreds of thousands of tanks, planes, guns, thousands of ships and submarines boats, military production and trophies, the continents and oceans - this highly complex scenario for the wargamer! Bring the story and leave your mark on it! This is the scenario - the reason why people play games over the years a series of "Soldiers of Empires"!

Soldiers of Empires II

Midway 1942

Correct the error of history! Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was worthy of this victory, that fell from his hand omnipotent will of fate and luck crews unprecedented dive bombers from the "Enterprise" and "Yorktown"

Soldiers of Empires II

Guadalcanal 1942

Make something that could not the Japanese Imperial Navy and Marine amphibious special units! Erase a powder U.S. Marine Corps, and the "iron bottom" near Guadalcanal let it be only for American ships :-)

Soldiers of Empires II

Kursk 1943

Last chance Wehrmacht in the east ...

Soldiers of Empires II

Normandy 1944

The second front. "D-Day." Just a couple of tips:
Axis: a strong defense and do not let the enemy gain a foothold on the bridgehead, captured when landing after crossing the English Channel ...
Allies: Your trump card - aviation. That it will clear your path, destroy the enemy's reinforcements on the march, in combat support

Soldiers of Empires II

Berlin 1945

The last fight - he was the most difficult ...


Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

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