Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

Soldiers of Empires II. Review.

Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.



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Soldiers of Empires II

"Soldiers of Empires II" - turn-based wargame. The game is based on the classical principles of the genre. "SoE-2" is characterized by an amazing level of detail and easy scalability of the game engine. From small maritime scenario - the battle for Guadalcanal in 1942 to a giant scale superscenario "World War  Two" - almost the entire Earth in the time interval 1941 - 1945.

Soldiers of Empires II

"Soldiers of Empires II" give the player the opportunity to experience the spirit of the great era of confrontation to the vast army into battle in the open spaces of Europe and Asia, to plan and execute attacks carriers and battleships armadas in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Do you want to choose the side of the Axis? Storm lines of fortifications Stalin and Molotov, landed troops at Midway and Hawaii. Make your way across the sands of the desert to the Suez Canal. Or by selecting the Allied Coalition, does not hold back the German onslaught at Moscow, or maybe you can slow down the German blitzkrieg on the western borders of the USSR?. Open a second front in 1942. All you want ... If you can :-)

Soldiers of Empires II

General principles of the game is easily mastered, even unfamiliar with the genre of the player and do not differ from similar games, wargames, and in general turn-based strategy. The choice of the coalition, planning, battles, supply, logistics and military manufacturing. The main difference from other wargames - scalable and detailed game engine. High detail - this means that you will not manage the "cartoon" units of "tank", "infantrymen" and other "airplanes" You will lead real divisions, brigades, regiments, regiment, air group, squadrons, aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines. Under your leadership, will fight for their country and its allies actual historical units. Would you like to give special attention to the 6th Mechanized Corps Gen. Khatskilevich , losted power in unprepared frontal counterattack on the Germans in June 1941? You will have the chance to take it out of pocket Bialystok ... Try to rearrange the Soviet air force in the beginning of the war and the irresistible slow-running German panzer divisions? The Japanese fleet and carrier-based aviation attack in June 1941, Vladivostok? The Soviet forces stormed Berlin will take in 1943? U.S. and Britain to open a second front in Europe in 1942? All you want is possible almost everything. And it depends on you ...

Soldiers of Empires II

You can control the production of military equipment, and decide what models of equipment to produce, what to build planes, ships and submarines is laid down at the shipyards.

Soldiers of Empires II

Forward to victory! Get peace on YOUR terms!

Soldiers of Empires II


Soldiers of Empires II. Turn-based wargame. WWII.

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